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Freeze-dried Wild Canadian Blueberries

Freeze-dried Wild Canadian Blueberries

SKU: FDBL18212615

These delicious berries can be added to granola, pancake or trail mixes; used as a topping for yogurt, pudding, ice cream and cereal; or used in baked goods, no bake treats, jello and gummies - and SO much more. They are a crunchy and flavourful treat enjoyed on their own as well.


Ru and Zo enjoy adding fruits to pancake batter and Mama RuZo has blended raspberries and blueberries into a fine powder and used as a natural colourant and flavour additive in baking!


With no added sugars or preservatives, you can enjoy the taste of natural, seasonal fruits all year-round.


Our fruits are:


✔️ Rich in Calories & Essential Nutrients

✔️ Easy to Store & Prepare

✔️ Full of flavour


With a super long shelf life (up to 25 years!). Just be sure to store in a cool, dark place with a tight seal!

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